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Wynn Resorts Removes Parking Fees for Paying Guests

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Wynn Resorts has announced that its Las Vegas properties will be doing away with parking fees from the 1st of July 2018. While this is certainly a welcome change, it won’t benefit everyone. In order to benefit from free parking, people will need to be staying overnight at the hotel, or spend at least $50 on the property.

Parking Fees removed from Wynn Resorts

Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas has announced it will do away with parking fees. However, this will only apply to guests staying overnight, or visitors who spend $50 or more at the casino resort.

MGM First to Introduce Parking Fees

Free parking in Las Vegas largely came to an end back in 2016. MGM Resorts decided to start charging for parking at its Las Vegas properties. MGM also happens to won the most casinos in Las Vegas. Soon after this, others started doing it as well, including Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Resorts, and the Cosmopolitan. Some casinos continued to offer free parking, but these were the exception.

An overnight guest or visitor who spends $50 or more at the property will be able to park for free. Wynn Resorts said that it has come to believe that charging for parking fall outside the firm’s hospitality mission. Many people will certainly be hoping that a similar pricing model is adopted by other major casinos in Sin City.

No Free Parking Reducing Visitors?

Parking fees have not gone down well with people in Las Vegas. They are despised, along with the casino resort fees. These fees can range between $30-$45 and are hidden fees that guests only find out about at final booking. These fees can make a three day stay cost as much as $100 more than expected. The casinos justify these fees by saying they provide guests with Wi-Fi, access to fitness centers and local calls.

Some believe that these hidden resort fees and the parking fees have started contributing to lower visitor numbers. Most casinos have denied that the extra fees have hurt visitor numbers, but others claim that this isn’t what customers have been saying. While Wynn Resorts may have changed its mind slightly with regards to parking fees in Las Vegas, others have not. In fact, at the beginning of this year, MGM announced that their parking fees would be increasing

Now that Wynn Resorts has made this call, it will be interesting if other casinos follow their lead, or risk getting left behind.