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Canadian Woman Sues Ex over Lottery Winnings

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In some news from our neighbors in the north, a Canadian woman is taking her ex-boyfriend to court over a winning lottery ticket and the $4.85 million jackpot. The woman has filed a lawsuit in Ontario, claiming that her ex-boyfriend won the lottery and then immediately left. She feels she is entitled to half the winnings.

woman sues ex over lottery winnings

A Canadian woman is suing her ex-boyfriend for half of a lottery jackpot win, after he denied winning the jackpot and left her.

Pair often bought Lottery Tickets Together

Denise Robertson filed her lawsuit in Windsor, Ontario. She is hoping to get half of her ex-boyfriend’s, Maurice Thibeault, lotto win. In addition to this, she is seeking additional punitive damages for $400 000. In the lawsuit, she is accusing her ex of breach of trust and unjust enrichment.

Back in September 2017, Thibeault bought a lottery ticket and landed up winning the jackpot, along with one other winner. He had been living with Robertson for two years at the time. According to Robertson, the two regularly bought lotto tickets together and would make plans on what they would do with the money if they won together.

When Robertson heard that a winning ticket had been purchased in her town, she asked her ex if they had the winning ticket. According to her, he said they had not won, but a few days later moved out without warning, quit his job, and tried to claim the money.

Court will Decide Fate of Lottery Winnings

Robertson was able to get lawyers involved in time and prevented Thibeault from claiming the winnings until a court could decide. However, in December the Ontario Lottery did pay out half of the winnings to Thibeault, as it determined that no matter the outcome, he was entitled to half. The remainder of the money would be paid out when the legal case has been decided.

According to Thibeault’s lawyer, there was never such an agreement between the two, and he has been co-operating completely with the Ontario lottery. Robertson is hoping that her case will get the chance to go before a jury, but it could take several years before a court hears the case.