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What is a Scatter Symbol?

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A scatter is a symbol that unlocks many fun bonus features in a slot machine. The scatter symbol has to appear on the reels to trigger mini-games, free spins or other bonuses. These symbols are unlike other slot symbols because they have to be lined up on a payline for you to win.

A scatter symbol is usually the highest-paying symbol in a slot machine game. It is represented by a unique icon specific to the game’s theme. Find out more about scatters in slot machines below.

Online Slot Scatter Symbol

How Does a  Scatter Symbol Work?

Generally, you must have a predetermined number of scatter symbols in a spin to unlock special features. You will find these details in the paytable of the game. The game will launch the special feature with the required number of scatter symbols on a single spin.

The special features are free spins or an interactive bonus game. The scatter symbol features are usually specific to the game. So, their function would differ based on the type of game you’re playing.

However, on simpler slot games, a scatter will give you a payout on a winning combination.

Do All Slot Machines Have Scatter Symbols?

A scatter is a standard feature in most five-reel slot machines. However, you won’t find this symbol in a 3-reel slot game. And in most cases, the accompanying bonuses will also not be featured.

A scatter is often found in games like progressive jackpots, seven-reel games and slot machine games with bonus games.

Finding a Game with a Scatter Symbol

Finding out if a game has a scatter or not is very easy. All the information is included in the pay table. So, when you click on the pay table icon, a window will open up, showing all the information you need about the slot signs.

This includes the scatters, the wild, and the slot game’s bonus elements. Looking at a game’s pay table before you start playing is very important. It will give you an idea of what kind of game it is.

Why Are They Named Scatter Symbols?

A scatter symbol is called a scatter because it appears anywhere on the reel in any order. For example, the scatter symbol doesn’t need to be lined up in a specific way to trigger bonus rounds in a game. Generally, you’ll need to have three or more scatters appearing on the reels to trigger the bonus game.