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US Players to Benefit from New PokerStars & Twitch Integration

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PokerStars, the online poker room owned and maintained by The Stars Group, have announced that they’ll be incorporating some of the Twitch features into its current software to enhance the overall customer experience. Twitch is a video gaming live stream service. The changes will be affected worldwide, which means US customers will get to experience the new software as well. Now, although the developments will occur across the globe, it will not be fitted on every site simultaneously.

Twitch allows poker players to stream their own sessions and well as the sessions of other people like their family and friends. Twitch is also used as a marketing tool by various poker sites. PokerStars is open to both professional players, as well as beginners.

What’s New PokerStars & Twitch

The new enhanced software will enable poker players at PokerStars to link their respective Twitch and PokerStars accounts directly from the PokerStars room. Scott Goodal, head of poker communities and engagement at The Stars Group, said this new addition will help PokerStars better identify players who have accounts on both sides. PokerStars will then make these players eligible for special promotions, various bonuses and other exclusive rewards.

PokerStars & Twitch

Expected Rollout Timeframe

A representative from PokerStars, Rebecca McAdam, said each site will have its own launch date, but no specifics can be given at this time. She noted that In-client Twitch integration on the other hand will be available to all sites by the end of 2020. US players will get to experience the software as early as the first quarter of 2020. This will include players from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Those who gamble for the fun of it and not necessarily for real money will also benefit from the new software but to a lesser extent. These players will make use of the features found on the dot-net client base, which is subject to different incentives and rewards.

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