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UK Bookmakers Refuse Flat Earther’s Bet

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In an unusual story from the UK, a Flat Earther is furious after several prominent bookmakers refused to take his bet. What was he trying to bet on? Well, he was trying to place a bet that the Earth is indeed flat. However, none of the bookmakers he approached were willing to accept it.

UK Bookmakers refuse to accept flat earth bet

Bookmakers Part of the Conspiracy?

The man in question is from the Northeast of England. He approached several bookmakers and tried to place a $135 bet on the Earth being flat. Every bookmaker he approached turned down the bet and said that the bet would be invalid. Unfortunately, this has caused the man to see their refusal as further evidence that the Earth is flat.

In an interview, he said that he thought the reason his bet was refused was that the bookmakers know he is right. If other people started placing the same bet, they would then lose a lot of money. After all, one UK Bookmaker, William Hill, is known to take some rather crazy bets. They have accepted bets that Elvis Presley will come back from the dead, so why won’t they accept this bet? Are they part of the conspiracy to keep the truth from us?

UK Bookmakers Adhere to Rules

Well, in truth, they cannot accept the bet because the scientific community and humanity as a whole have known the Earth is round for a very long time. The bookmakers can’t accept the bet on the Earth being flat, any more than they could accept a bet on a sports event that has already finished. While the chances of Elvis coming back to life are remote, it hasn’t happened yet so you are able to bet on it.

The Earth has been proven to be round, whether you believe it or not. While the Flat Earther may see the refusal of the bookies as further evidence to support his beliefs, in reality, it is nothing more than the UK bookmakers adhering to the gambling regulations that govern them.