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Tennessee Trio Charged for Stealing Lottery Tickets

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Three people from Memphis, Tennessee in the US have been charged with theft and burglary after weeks of stealing lottery tickets and cigarettes from several businesses in the region. The Tennessee trio is said to have stolen goods worth $30, 000 altogether.

A woman, (35) her daughter, (20) and a man, (22) raided business after business for three weeks straight before being caught. Their first target location was a gas station in early September. Court documents reveal that the 22-year-old male and two other men broke into four other convenience stores as well as a Subway restaurant late at night. The Tennessee trio used sledgehammers to break entry and caused thousands of dollars worth of damages to the properties they invaded.

Other invaded properties on the Tennessee trios hit list include an Express Mart, a Marathon store, as well as an Exxon store. One of the owners said his store had been broken into at least five times, and each time the suspects would cover their faces. The owner has since installed motion detectors on the walls of the store to prevent future burglaries.

Tennessee Trio Theft US

According to the police, after the lottery tickets, cigars and cigarettes had been stolen, the Tennessee trio would then take it to the home of the 35-year-old woman where the 22-year-old daughter would separate the lottery tickets from the other stolen merchandise. Court documents further reveal that the 35-year-old woman drove around the city cashing out the scratch off lottery tickets and kept any winnings they received from it.

What’s Next in the Tennessee Trio Case

Each member of the Tennessee trio has been charged with multiple felonies that include theft and breaking in entry. The 35-year-old woman and her daughter received a separate charge for forging lottery tickets. The trio is expected to appear in court later this week, but no charges have been filed against the other two men.

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