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Many Science Fiction fans out there will be quite pleased with the news recently that there will soon be a range of Star Trek casino games. These new games are said to be skill-based video gaming machines that will allow Star Trek fans to show off their skills and, if they’re lucky, make some nice money on the way. The new Star Trek titles are possible because Game Co. has just entered into a licensing agreement with CBS, who hold the rights to the Star Trek franchise. Modern fans can expect all the high end and high tech graphics of 2016’s Star Trek: Beyond.

Star trek casino gambling games Atlantic City

Star Trek Gambling

The new Star Trek casino games are set to arrive at casinos in Atlantic City fairly soon, although we’re not entirely sure what the games will be. We do know that the first one will be called Star Trek Deep Space Nine Adventure, based off the Deep Space Nine TV series. However, Game Co. describes the game as a skill-based gambling video game, so that rules out a typical slot game.

Star Trek isn’t the only new games that will be arriving in Atlantic City. Game Co. is also bringing other machines that are based on the Mission Impossible movies, as well as the Terminator movies.

Rich Maryyanek, the Global Business Development for GameCo Inc. said, “This fan-favorite franchise has been entertaining people across the globe and is established as one of the most iconic and popular brands ever. We are excited to work with CBS Consumer Products to bring a space battle action game to casino floors.”

Ever Expanding Industry

As the casino industry continues to grow, more companies are looking to capitalise. Game Co. already has three casino gaming machines on floors in Atlantic City casinos. These have been well received so far and include titles like Danger Arena and Pharaoh’s Secret Temple.

Danger Arena is inspired by first-person shooter video games, such as Call of Duty or Counter Strike Global Offensive. The game gives players a set amount of time to kill robots. They need to kill enough of them in order to break even or win some money. Pharaohs’ Secret Temple is a more casual experience and will remind players of the likes of Candy Crush, where matching symbols gets them rewarded.

Game Co. is hoping that games like these, and the new titles it is bringing out, will help to attract younger players to casinos. Younger players have shown little interest in traditional slots and table games, so companies are having to think outside the box. We’re excited to see more modern titles like Star Trek in land-based casinos across the USA.