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Sheldon Adelson Considering North Korea Casino?

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Following a speech in Israel last month, people are beginning to wonder if Sheldon Adelson may be considering a casino in North Korea. This comes after other news that the North Korean leadership had reached out in the hopes of getting a casino resort to attract tourism to the country.

Shelson Adelson may consider North Korea Casino

Sheldon Adelson’s recent speech in Israel has made many wonder if the Las Vegas Sands mogul might be thinking about a casino resort in North Korea.

Adelson Wants to Go Back to Korea To Open Business

Sheldon Adelson was speaking at a fundraising event in Jerusalem. The event was to raise money for Birthright, which is an organization that aims to sponsor free trips to Israel for people of Jewish heritage. The man behind Las Vegas Sands urged President Donal Trump to carry on talking to North Korea. Some have also thought that Adelson indicated that he wanted to open a casino there.

During his speech, he said that while he hadn’t served in the Israeli Armed Forces, he did serve with the American Army and was a veteran of the Korean War. He went on to say that he hopes Trump’s dialogue with North Korea gets them to end their disputes with South Korea. Adelson said he doesn’t want to go back to Korea to fight; he wants to go back and open his business.

Kim Jong Un Meets with Donald Trump

If there is further positive dialogue between North Korea and the USA, a casino resort might be possible in the future.

North Korea Suitable for Casino?

The leader of North Korean, Kim Jong Un, has made it clear that he wants to invest heavily in the city of Wonsan, a coastal town on the east coast of North Korea. He stated that he wants to improve the infrastructure, build a new airport, and hotels with conference venues. It is believed that Kim Jong Un spent many years when he was a child in this area.

But, will a casino resort work in North Korea? There are some beneficial factors, like the nearby border with China, which could potentially see Wonsan becoming the next Macau. However, North Korea is known for very strict laws and human rights violations. Tourists have been detained for simple ‘crimes’ like taking a propaganda leaflet from the hotel or leaving a bible in a nightclub. It is highly unlikely that wealthy visitors will be willing to visit a country known for this.

It is more likely that Adelson was simply acknowledging the good geographical position in North Korea that would make for a good casino. However, he is fully aware that the geopolitical landscape makes that difficult, if not impossible, at the moment.