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Atlanta Motor Speedway Proposed Concept Released

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Pictures of the outlandish proposed Atlanta motor speedway have been released, and players are in for a treat. Ed Clark, president of Atlanta Motor Speedway, has published two conceptual illustrations of what will become a $1 billion casino resort. The resort is set to be less than 30 miles from downtown Atlanta. Millions of people are only a few hours from the proposed location of the resort. Clark’s proposal is set to create 3000 jobs in the construction phase and between 4000 and 5000 permanent jobs. Clark said the resorts most significant revenue would go towards education. Proceeds from the casino would go towards supporting the Georgia education, similarly to the state lottery.

The casino resort is set to have a hotel, convention center more than ten restaurants and condos. Amenities at the resort will include an 11 000-seat concert venue, adventure, family entertainment center, cinema complex and theme park. Rendering of the racetrack may also have an indoor and outdoor water park. Still, it doesn’t end there, visitors of Atlanta Motor Speedway can also expect to find a Top Golf interactive driving range. The existing racetrack would still be a part off the new resort.

Atlanta Motor Speedway Resorts

What happens now?

The resort will not be happening anytime soon. There are a few amendments that need to happen before permitting can be applied for. The Georgia Legislature first has to approve a constitutional amendment which will allow the construction of the casino. The amendment needs to be passed by two-third of the state’s lawmakers. Then voters would also need to approve it. The redevelopment is not centered around the parks but the casino, which is the reason behind delaying the process of development.

 Overview of the AMS Casino resort

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle report, the proposed resort is a reflection of what supporters of legalizing casino gambling have envisioned. Despite the lengthy process of getting the resort approved, local readers are amendable about the concept as it may create almost 5000 permanent jobs. As it stands until the legislature and voters approve of the redevelopment the resort casino will remain hypothetical.