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Poker Fans Get Another Two Years of Poker on NBC

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U.S. poker fans have another two years of Poker Central broadcasts from NBC. The two brands announced that they had extended their partnership up to 2022. It is a positive thing to note, especially during this pandemic. A big chunk of the gambling industry took a knock because of the nationwide shutdown of businesses, including casinos. The shutdown may have contributed to the extension of the brand partnership between Poker Central and NBC. Because most poker players and fans may not have access to casinos for now or the foreseeable future, the gambling industry has to be creative. Many states have in fact started legalizing online gambling, for example, West Virginia recently legalized sports betting. In recent months, Rhode Island added an iLottery which allowed its residents to access the state lottery online.

Poker Central and NBC’s Partnership- A Win for Poker Fans

Poker Central and NBC have had successful runs of broadcasted poker games. What immediately comes to mind is the Super High Roller Bowl, Poker Masters, and the U.S. Poker Open. These three particular events have drawn a huge following and have become a major event on the poker fan’s calendar. It is quite amazing to see that a partnership that is only three years old has already reset the poker and gambling culture in the USA. In years past it would have been highly unlikely to watch any gambling games on a national broadcaster. However, poker has always been a part of the American fabric so naturally, it would enter the mainstream at some point.

Poker Central Partners with NBC for 2 More Years

Through poker events such as the Super High Roller Bowl, spectators have been able to see big spenders play and wager in real-time. This is the event that separates the sharks from the fishes. The Super High Roller Bowl is where poker legends are born.

Poker Central chief business officer- Jr McCabe reiterated that the company’s goal was a global reach. They aim to engage with both players who enjoy the sport and spectators all over the world.

As much as poker Central was excited with the extension of the partnership, so were NBC. The current climate is filled with uncertainty, and any growth for the gambling industry or any other sector will need partnership. Vice president of programming Gary Quinn expressed his excitement for the continued partnership with Poker Central. He hoped that they would retain their current audience and also tap into a new audience which is unfamiliar with the poker scene.

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