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Planet Hollywood Sued by Jumpy Guest

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Planet Hollywood is currently being sued by one of its guests for a rather unusual reason. Owned by Caesars Entertainment, Planet Hollywood is facing a lawsuit after a guest got scared and did some actual physical harm to themselves. This has to be one of the most unusual lawsuits we have ever come across. Although, we’ve found a few others that you can read about later.

Planet Hollywood sued by guest


Planet Hollywood Mannequin Scares Guest

This bizarre legal case against Planet Hollywood began when a guest, Kent Jacobs Boutwell, entered his room. The room was dark at the time, and he noticed a shadowy figure in the corner of the room. This silhouette was barely visible in the dark, and Mr Boutwell got a fright and in his panic, decided that there was an unknown assailant in his room.

Certain that the person was there to do him physical harm, he made his escape. Unfortunately, in the process, he injured himself. It turns out; the shadowy figure was simply a mannequin dressed in promotional clothing, locked in a glass cabinet. While the assailant wasn’t real, the injuries caused very much were. While no specifics have been released, unspecified injuries to his limbs, organs, nervous system, mind and body have been reported. In addition to this, these could result in conditions that could permanently change his life.

More Strange Lawsuits

While this Planet Hollywood lawsuit is certainly strange, it’s not the only legal action to result from casino incidents. Here are three more weird casino-related lawsuits:

  • A poker player was hit in the head by a large box containing casino chips after it was accidentally dropped by one of the casino employees at the Seminole Hard Rock in 2015.
  • A Roulette player was struck in the eye by the roulette ball after it somehow became airborne. In addition to this, the staff applied a liquid to his eye to attempt to help with swelling, but this only made things much worse.
  • A gambler from Ohio sued a casino after he won nearly $31 000. He asked to be given a check for his winnings but was paid in cash. He was also forced to loudly and clearly state his address to the cashier, with other people around him. That night, someone broke into his house and stole his winnings.