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PA Gamblers Arrested for Neglecting Children

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Three sets of PA gamblers were arrested in two states, Indiana and in Pennsylvania. These parents were arrested for neglecting children and placing them in danger while they chose to go and gamble. One of the arrested, Jarad Elsen, 29, got charged with two counts of criminal imprisonment and abandonment after he allegedly left his girlfriend’s two children at home on Monday, while he went to gamble at a Casino.

PA Gamblers Arrested

The toddlers, which are aged between one and three years were found roaming around the streets in Lawrenceburg, partially clothed. The three-year-old girl was only wearing a top with a purple jacket and one sock with one sandal. The boy was in a t-shirt, socks, and a diaper. The outdoor temperatures were in the 30s. In Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, two children have left home alone in the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem hotel while their parent went to gamble. A 3-year-old girl child was seen wandering alone near elevators on the hotel’s sixth floor, while the six-year-old boy was asleep in the hotel room.

PA Gamblers Arrested – Gambling Parents

Nicole Jones, 35, who is the mother from Farmingville, New York, got charged with two counts of child negligence. Also, in Bethlehem, a six-year-old girl was found in the streets alone on the fifth floor of the Sands hotel and the police also found the child’s sibling who is only four years of age alone in a hotel room. Their parents were identified as Qizhong Chen and Hua Chen and they were both charged with endangering the wellbeing of children. Children were placed in the temporary care of social service agencies and some of the kids were taken to live with their relatives.

Parking of the Kids

With incidents such as these ones, they are not rare at all. This happens almost every day where parents tend to leave their kids unattended just for them to go and  gamble. Since the year 1999, more than 300 cases where opened. A clinical assistant professor at the University of Buffalo ¸ Kathleen Conroy, said: “it is very sad when it occurs to even a single child.” She also explains that gambling is mainly about risk, while addiction is about a disorder.

Casinos Don’t Babysit

Some states such as Massachusetts require casinos to check their parking lots and garages for any children that are left in cars or trucks. Truthfully, casinos are not accountable for providing a safe and secure place for children while their parents gamble.

“It is usually gaming; however, alcohol and other factors might also be involved.”

Also, children with gambling parents are most likely to develop addictions, anxiety, depression and more issues.

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