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Can Roulette Be Beaten?

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Dave | January 1, 2023 | Updated on: January 8th, 2024

Everyone loves an excellent fixed odds game, and roulette is one of the best choices. Which leads most players to wonder: “can online roulette be beaten?” and how.

Generally, the roulette wheel and ball can, but the table is less forgiving. Moreover, online roulette is nearly impossible to beat, because you’re playing against computers.

To beat a roulette table, you have to factor in a lot of moving parts, including the bets you place. Included in the list of factors are the house edge, random number generators (RNGs), and basic odds. Of course, the version of online roulette is also a part, so you should consider whether to play American (37 slots), European (36 pockets), or French roulette (36 spaces).

So, let’s get into the technical aspects of how roulette can be beaten.

Can Roulette Be Beaten Online?

RNGs, House Edge & Odds

When you’ve chosen a variant to play, we recommend looking up the information about the game. For online games, you can find this on reviews or the official casino software developer’s website.

For this part, you need to check the house edge, which should be around 2.70% for single number bets in European roulette. However, American roulette will have double that because of the “00” on the wheel (5.26%). Check out this chart for the full list of house edges:

Beat the Odds Roulette

Can Roulette Be Beaten: Beat the Odds

Any roulette strategy will always tell you to look at the odds and make bets accordingly. However, the most popular tactics use progression betting, which has even less success on the table.

This is because a progressive system requires a large bankroll and lots of time, which most roulette players won’t have. And, the odds will stack up against you on losing streaks because losses are built into the game.

Instead, you should keep your stakes consistent and limit your time playing roulette to factor in walking away. Thus, you can place wagers based on the odds of winning without losing your budget in one go, like this chart:

Roulette Bet Payout European Odds American Odds
Single Number 35 to 1 2.70% 2.60%
2 Number Combination 17 to 1 5.4% 5.3%
3 Number Combination 11 to 1 8.1% 7.9%
4 Number Combination 8 to 1 10.8% 10.5%
5 Number Combination 6 to 1 13.5% 13.2%
6 Number Combination 5 to 1 16.2% 15.8%
Column 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
Dozen 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
Even/Odd 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
Red/Black 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
Low/High 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%


Answer: “Can Roulette Be Beaten?”

While we’d love to say yes, it’s just not possible online and land-based casinos will watch you if you win roulette bets consistently. Instead of trying to cheat the casino game, it’s better to bet what you can afford and avoid common strategies.

In short, these are basically slot machines but using roulette rules, so you can’t always predict where the ball lands accurately. So, just play at online casinos for fun, and you might actually beat the game without trying.

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