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Can You Get Rich Playing Poker?

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Dave | January 3, 2023 | Updated on: January 8th, 2024

Can you get rich playing poker? The answer is yes, you can get rich from playing many gambling games provided the jackpot is big enough. However, playing poker has the potential to give you consistent big money rewards. One obvious example is the many poker tournaments that we see at Las Vegas casinos and all over the world in fact.

Of all gambling games casino card games seem to yield the most consistent wins for players. Casino table games like poker and blackjack have many which players. You are probably interested in knowing how you can get rich from playing poker? Maybe you’re also curious about who the richest players are. Well we will say to you through your city and give you tips on how you can make money from playing poker.

Richest Poker Players

  • Phil Ivey worth over $100 million and won the World Series of Poker 10 times. He has won almost $20 million in poker tournaments
  • Sam Farha’s net worth is over $100 million he has gone on to become spokesperson for Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino
  • Chris Ferguson the black sheep of the professional poker scene, he is worth over $80 million. He has raked in just under $7 million in poker tournaments.

Dan Bilzerian would have made it on to this list but it’s not clear how much of his money has been made from poker related winnings.

How to Get Rich from Playing Poker

How to Get Rich Off Poker

The most commonly Held myth is that you are more likely to get a life changing win from a slot machine. Granted while slots have been known to hand out hundreds of thousands even millions in jackpots, the odds and probabilities of that happening are very slim. This because slot machines are completely random. There is absolutely nothing you can do to alter or influence the results of slot machines. Unless you’re cheating or rigging the machines and that is not recommended at all. There are some people have done so and landed themselves some hefty jail sentences.

The difference with getting rich from playing poker and slots is strategy. Granted, poker is a game of chance otherwise it would not be a gambling game. Nonetheless, you can still influence and for lack of a better word manipulate how the game goes in your favour. You can do so by strategically betting, bluffing and managing you bankroll well. It is no use having the largest bankroll and blowing it on stupid bets. Know when to raise call or check having a big budget does not mean you consistently raised the bet.

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