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How Do You Win At Craps Online?

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Dave | January 3, 2023 | Updated on: January 29th, 2024

Strategies and betting systems always claim that you can win easily at craps online. These guides to winning are hiding a terrible secret, though.

They will never tell you about playing craps at online casinos because you can’t beat the house edge. So, if you want to win at craps, where should you start? We’ve compiled this guide to help you get started.

How to Win at Craps

How to Win at Craps

There are many methods out there that claim to help you win at craps the easy way. There is no easy way here because every strategy needs careful tracking and consideration.

So, how can anyone win at craps with a betting system or strategy effectively? Well, there are a few tips for that (which we can vouch for) when testing strategies:

1. Research Craps Games

First, always research the game you’re about to play and how it works. This includes the craps rules used, payouts, and odds included in the craps game.

2. Check Your Budget and Bankroll

Keeping a firm grip on your spending is the best way to reduce losses when you play craps. Be realistic about what you can afford, and avoid high-stakes strategies.

3. Double-Check Table Limits

Before you start playing, ensure that your bet sizes are within the minimum and maximum limits of the table. When you win at craps, this heavily influences your payouts on winning outcomes.

4. Budget Time and Gaming Sessions

It’s easy to get swept up in excitement at virtual and live casino tables when you win at craps. So, by keeping your sessions short, you can avoid chasing losses.

5. Bet Several Times to Win At Craps

Every roll of the dice during a game of craps is a unique outcome, so you should bet multiple times to test the efficacy. Never bet more than you can afford, though, to avoid losing too much.

6. Keep Track Of And Analyze Results

At the end of your craps session, review the results, wins, and losses after using the strategy. This data can also show your habits when playing that you could switch up.

Ways to Win at Craps

Best Ways to Win at Craps

Whenever you learn to play and win at craps, we always recommend doing careful research and discovering everything you can. One of the vital things you need to know before using strategies suggested by craps players is the wagers.

These are laid out on the craps table and will feature proposition bets, single outcomes, and many others. What we should note is that wagers like come/don’t come bets are once-off on certain shooter rolls.

Once the point has been established (target number), you can make one of these bets:

Bet Type Odds Payout House Advantage
Pass Bet 49.3% 1/1 1.41%
Don`t Pass Bet 49.3% 1/1 1.4%
Pass Line – 4 or 10 33.3% 2/1 4.76%
Pass Line – 5 or 9 40% 3/2 4.76%
Pass Line – 6 or 8 45.5% 6/5 4.76%
Don`t Pass Line – 4 or 10 66.7% 1/2 2.44%
Don`t Pass Line – 5 or 9 60% 2/3 3.23%
Don`t Pass Line – 6 or 8 54.5% 5/6 4%
Field Bet – 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 44.4% 1/1 5.5%
Field Bet – 2, 12 44.4% 1/1 5.5%
Place Bet – 4 or 10 33.3% 9/5 6.7%
Place Bet – 5 or 9 40% 7/5 4%
Place Bet – 6 or 8 45.5% 7/6 1.52%
Hardway – 6 or 8 9.1% 9/1 9.09%
Hardway – 4 or 10 11.1% 7/1 11.1%
Any 7 16.7% 4/1 16.9%
Any Craps 11.1% 7/1 11.1%
Craps – 2 or 12 2.8% 30/1 13.9%
Craps – 3 or 11 5.6% 15/1 11.1%


With everything in mind, we hope you can win at craps without a strategy.

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