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North New Jersey Casino Still a Possibility

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There is still a possibility of a North New Jersey casino being legalized in the state. Currently, casinos are currently only allowed in Atlantic City, but this could change in the future. Back in November 2016, voters rejected a bill that would have allowed casinos to be constructed outside Atlantic City, provided they were at least 72 miles away from the city. But the fight might not be over yet.

North New Jersey Casino still on the cards

The possibility of a North New Jersey casino is still on the cards. Many people are still trying to get gambling expanding outside of Atlantic City

North New Jersey Casino Rejected in 2016

Back when a North New Jersey casino was originally proposed, several groups fought the gambling expansion in the state. These groups included Trenton’s Bad Bet and No North New Jersey Casino. These groups have said that the fight is not over yet and there are still many who want to end Atlantic City’s gambling monopoly.

When the proposal went on a ballot in November 2016, it failed dismally. Just 23% of voters supported allowing casino expansion outside of Atlantic City. When a vote like this fails, it has to wait two years before it can be presented again. This means that it is possible that it will appear on ballots in November this year.

Sports Betting Could Help north New Jersey Casino Proposal

Some are even claiming that the recent legalization of sports betting in New Jersey constitutes a gambling expansion. Sports betting is allowed at racetracks outside of AC, and the groups lobbying against the expansion are concerned that the racetracks can reopen the debate. The racetracks could argue that they are already allowed to accept gambling through sports betting, so why not slot machines.

Many powerful lawmakers in the Garden state have already supported the idea of a North New Jersey casino. The state governor, Phil Murphy, has supported the idea himself. Murphy has argued that it should be considered because it will help create jobs and safeguard revenue. The fear is that if a casino were to open in Manhattan, it would seriously hurt New Jersey. However, a casino in the north could go a long way to continue to draw in gamblers from New York.