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Newly Approved Marijuana Lounges Barred from Casinos

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Recreational and medicinal use of Marijuana is legal in Nevada- provided that it is in a private place. That provision is now a little more flexible since Las Vegas City Council has recently approved marijuana lounges in the city. However, that too is laden with conditions. Some were crossing fingers that the approval would stretch to local Las Vegas casinos, unfortunately not.  The law still stands as it was that cannabis might not be used even when one is a passenger in a moving vehicle. Other protected institutions are exempt from the new approval from the city council. Find out more details on the conditions set by the city council here


Casinos Not Allowed to have Marijuana Lounges

Las Vegas City Council was very clear in that casinos cannot have marijuana lounges. The governor of Nevada was quick to emphasize that all who are in Nevada must comply with the law. He reiterated that even tourists could not consume Marijuana even in the privacy of the casino hotel rooms. Casinos in Las Vegas are marked as protected along with K-12 Schools, churches and other religious places. Since casinos in the city are subject to the Nevada Gaming Control Act, they are required to follow federal law. In this case, the federal regulations require them to steer clear of marijuana lounges.

The details of the Las Vegas City Council marijuana consumption bill state that whatever lounges for marijuana consumption there are they must be at least 1,000 feet from schools and casinos. Distance between the lounges and churches must be a minimum of 300 feet. All patrons must be 21 and older. They must also supply their own cannabis as the lounges will only be allowed to sell related paraphernalia not the Marijuana itself.

Concerns About Marijuana Usage at Lounges

Although the vote to authorize marijuana lounge premises in Las Vegas was agreed with a 4-1 vote, there were some concerns aired. Councilman Stavros Anthony who was the only council person to vote no expressed his worry about how public usage would be controlled. Gaming industry representatives also agreed that controlling public consumption would be challenging.

We will keep you updated with more developments on this and other casino news here at Casino US.