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New York Looking for Ways to Quickly legalize Sports Betting

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Lawmakers in the state of New York are reportedly trying to find clever ways to allow sports betting in the state if the Supreme Court overturns PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports p[rotection Act). Lawmakers are trying to figure out how to allow sports betting to take place at horse racetracks, pari-mutuel betting venues, and non-tribal casinos.  If the Supreme Court revises federal law, New York might have a tough time quickly capitalizing on the change.

new York wants to quickly legalize sports betting if PASPA overturned

New York looking to Capitalize on Favorable Ruling

As we all know, the Supreme Court will soon hear New Jersey’s appeal of PASPA. New Jersey is arguing that the law is unconstitutional and violates a state’s ability to enforce its own regulations. The hearing will start in early December, with a ruling expected in early 2018. If New Jersey is successful, it is expected that as many as 18 different states will legalize sports betting in the coming years.

New York desperately wants to be one of the first states to allow sports betting if PASPA is overturned. However, the state’s constitution requires that any changes to gambling laws in New York are approved by the voting public. This would mean arranging a ballot question and the earliest this could be done is the in the fall of 2019. The state is currently looking for ideas on how to allow sports betting without going to a public vote. Unfortunately, no solutions have been found yet.

New York and USA Waiting for Supreme Court Ruling

The entire gambling industry in the United States is waiting in anticipation for the Supreme Court to rule on PASPA. Several estimates have predicted that if sports betting is legalized, and all 50 states allow it, it could generate as much as $15 billion every year. Industry experts think that over 18 states will be legalizing sports betting within five years if the Supreme Court rules in New Jersey’s favour.

Some states will have an easier time than others legalizing sports betting. Pennsylvania recently legalized it, should PASPA be overturned, through its gambling expansion plans. States like New York, where a vote is required, will have a more difficult time changing the laws quickly

Either way, this is a very exciting time in the USA for fans of sports betting. We only hope the Supreme Court decides to overturn PASPA.