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New York Governor Holds Off on Approving Mobile Wagering

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In his most recent budget address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it clear that he is not any closer to changing his stance on online gambling. The state has a huge budget deficit and senators supporting the expansion of sports betting onto online and mobile platforms view sports gambling revenue as a way to fix the deficit. However, Cuomo is firm in his belief that New Yorkers can make it out of deficit rut without revenue from potential online betting taxes. There has been an extension- although moderate of sports betting in New York. Gamblers in NY will soon have more than the handful of dedicated physical sports books to scratch their gambling itch.

What exactly is the modest extension or expansion of sports betting in New York? Find out the answer to this question as we look into Andrew Cuomo’s view of sports betting in New York.

How New York Governor Plans to “Expand” Sports Betting

Currently sports betting is confined to the land casinos in New York in dedicated sports lounges. Anyone in the whole state who wants to wager must make a trip to one of these sports lounges at New York’s legal casinos. With the changes NY Governor Cuomo announced these casinos with sports lounges will be allowed to let bets be conducted out of the lounge but within the casino still. It is barely a change if you look at the strides and revenues that have come from states that truly legalized and expanded sports betting.

New York Governor Cuomo

The governor still wont budge on relaxing the laws against mobile online sports betting. Proponents of sports betting have pushed for online mobile betting as a way of covering the state’s deficit in New York. Cuomo is not moved and has described the idea of online mobile sports betting as a revenue generator as a “gimmick”. Additionally, he says any change to allow mobile betting on sports would require adjusting the constitution.

We will keep tabs on this story and similar US gambling industry news. Follow our blogs for the latest casino news.

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