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New Jersey Online Casinos Could Open to other Markets

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New Jersey online casinos could soon be opening their doors to other markets in the United States, as well as other countries. A state senator, Ray Lesniak, has recently come out and said he believes New Jersey is ready to do so. This will reshape the online gambling industry in the state. He went on to say that he is planning on introducing a bill soon that will allow the online casinos and poker sites in the state to accept players from other US states, as well as other countries.

New Jersey online casinos could accept more players

New Jersey Online Casino Laws Could Relax

The bill that Lesniak wants to put forward would also make some other changes to the New Jersey online casino landscape. One of the biggest changes would be removing the need for online gambling operators to have their servers hosted in Atlantic City. This is alongside the change that would allow New Jersey online casinos and poker sites to accept gamblers from other jurisdictions. This would include other American states, as well as other countries. The only restriction is that online gambling would need to be legal there.

When New Jersey first legalized online gambling, the decision to require gambling servers to be located in Atlantic City was taken to ensure that the state remained the primary beneficiary of online gaming. However, Lesniak believes that this rule has since become redundant and is no longer in the best interests of the state.

State Benefits from New Jersey Online Casinos

We recently ran a story about New Jersey in talks with sharing online poker players with other states. We also touched on a previous attempt to share players with the UK, which fell through. The main reason that deal failed was because of the Atlantic City server requirement. Understandably, UK poker operators were not sold on the idea of having to relocate their operations to New Jersey.

While online poker in the state is having a tough time, New Jersey online casinos are doing much better. It is believed that since they were legalized, they have contributed over $80 million in taxes to the state, as well as created well over 3000 jobs, which has generated in nearly $220 million in pay to employees.