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Mohegan Sun Pocono has been fined $150k Over Staffing Issues

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Mohegan Sun Pocono has received a penalty of $150k by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) for failing to meet the requirements of security staffing in their facility. According to an agreement that was approved by the PGCB, the gambling house was unable to find personnel that would meet the requirement in 91 days.

The gambling house had enough staff members for all the entrances. However, it failed to staff the casino with enough roaming security staff members during the nightshift. It is reported that there were times when Mohegan Sun Pocono was short of security guards by as many as three staff members.

The lawyer of the casino, Christopher Soriano, released a statement to the press stating that the casino takes full responsibility for not following their internal controls. He also mentioned that they are working with the Office of Enforcement Counsel to sort the matter out. Soriano further stated in the statement that Mohegan Sun Pocono takes these issues very seriously.

Mohegan Sun Pocono

The Beginning of Mohegan Sun Pocono Security Woes

The Security staffing issue at Mohegan Sun Pocono began when the two big distribution centres were opened last year in the Wilkes-Barre area. The general manager of the casino, Tony Carlucci, told the PGCB that the distribution centre attracted a lot of security personnel from the casino.

The issue was initially highlighted to the state officials in November of the previous year. These officials worked closely with Tony Carlucci to fast track the licence of the new security personnel. However, these efforts were soon curtailed by shut down of the federal government that lasted 34 days. Due to this problem, Mohegan Sun, Pocono could not recruit new security guards because the Internal Revenue Service could not perform background checks on the potentially new staff members.

When it took too long for the background checks to happen, many of the security candidates that were waiting ended up taking jobs at other places.


Mohegan Sun Pocono has taken measures to make sure that it meets the state requirement when it comes to security staffing. The casino officials also told the board that they have learned their lesson and have made efforts to ensure that this issue does not arise a second time.

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