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Mayweather Still Favorite, More Bets on McGregor Though

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Whether the Mayweather McGregor fight lives up to expectations or not, there’s little denying that it has captured the imaginations of fans all over the world. Most experts still say that the UFC fighter, Connor McGregor, stands little to no chance in the match against Floyd Mayweather and this is reflected by the odds at sports books all over the world. However, many gamblers aren’t having any of this and have placed plenty of wagers, betting that McGregor will surprise us all and take the win.

McGregor Mayweather fight, more bets on McGregor

19x More Bets Placed on McGregor

As we’re sure you all know by now, the fight is scheduled to take place on the 26th of August at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. As soon as the betting odds were known, it was clear that McGregor was the underdog, with +1100 odds against his opponent at some sports books. However, in a move that probably caught many off guard, the bets aren’t being placed on Mayweather, but rather the UFC fighter who has never been in a professional boxing match before.

In fact, it has been said that for every one bet placed on the favorite, there are 19 bets being placed on McGregor. There was even a story of one person who bet a total of $150 000 on McGregor, which would win him over $660 000 if the UFC fighter manages to pull off the win. Because of the odds, a $100 bet on Mayweather will return just over $16 in winnings.  This means it is understandable that so many are betting on McGregor. A small bet could return a big win, even if it is unlikely.

McGregor Unlikely to Win

Despite the publics betting action on McGregor, Mayweather undoubtedly remains the favorite. Mayweather now sits at around -600 and many boxing experts think the fight will be a massive disappointment. While no one doubts McGregor’s prowess, he’s never boxed professionally before, and Mayweather has never been defeated.

Many experts don’t even believe the match will be worth the $99.95 cost of the pay-per-view. However, it was recently revealed that the fight will also be shown live in cinemas throughout the USA, at a cost of $40.

There’s less than a month to wait now and we’re curious to see how it goes down. However, we certainly expect to see Mayweather remain undefeated and bring his career to 50-0.