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Mayweather Could Join Billionaire Athletes Club

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Floyd Mayweather’s recent fight against Conor McGregor will likely be his last, as he announced he would not enter the ring again. However, this final fight has provided him with a very nice pay day, one which may very well allow Mayweather to enter a very exclusive club of athletes. Mayweather is expected to earn $300-400 million from his fight with McGregor. This should help ‘Money’ Mayweather to join a very elite club, those who have become billionaires from the sporting career.

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather could be a billionaire

Mayweather Could be Next Athlete Billionaire

Forbes Magazine has reported that it believes Mayweather will exceed $1 billion in earnings after his victorious fight against McGregor, which was his 50th professional boxing match. The $1 billion will have been earned from prize pools, his share of ticket and pay-per-view sales, as well as all product endorsements.

Before his final fight, Mayweather’s career earnings were thought to sit at around $700 million. With this new payday, he should definitely be pushed into the very exclusive $1 billion club.

Exclusive Billionaire Athlete Club

The number of athletes who have broken the billion-dollar barrier is very small, making this an extremely exclusive club. There are currently just three athletes that have joined the club. The three athletes are Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Michael Schumacher.

Tiger Woods was the first billionaire athlete, reaching that milestone in 2009. However, after the recent scandals that cost him endorsement deals, his worth was lowered to $740 million. It is still possible for him to break through the billion-dollar barrier again, with his golf course design business.

Michael Schumacher became the most successful Formula One driver of all time with seven driver championship wins. With these titles and all the endorsement deals, he was able to become a billionaire.

The wealthiest athlete though is Michael Jordan. While his salary from basketball only made him $93 million, his endorsements made him a very wealthy man. This included a lifetime deal with Nike, which helped him earn a total of $1.7 billion.