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Man Wins Big After Doing the Right Thing

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A gambler in Scotland was on the receiving end of Karma, following a good deed. The man in question noticed some money had been left in an ATM machine and decided to hand it in, instead of taking it for himself. Within an hour, Karma had rewarded his good deed with a big win at a casino game.

Man wins at virtual horse racing after good deed

A Scottish man has won over $60 000 playing a virtual horse racing game. This happened less than an hour after a good deed.

Man Returns Money, Wins Big

The man in question works as a construction worker. He was at a grocery store with his daughter when he noticed there was £30 ($40) left in the ATM. Instead of pocketing the money for himself, he decided to hand the money into the store, in case someone came to claim the cash. Two other people in the store apparently said to him that he’d done the right thing and good things were coming for him.

Soon after leaving the grocery store, he visited a sports betting shop and played a game called Lucky 15. This is a virtual horse racing gambling game that sees players place bets on horses. The results are then determined in a similar way to slot machines. He chose horses with odds of 20-1, 11-1, 50-1, and 28-1. This bet cost him the equivalent of $2 and the odds of all four horses coming in was 372 000-1.

Largest Virtual Horse Racing Win?

But, that is exactly what happened. His $2 bet soon turned into a $66 000 win. The owner of the sports book said this was the largest win he’d ever heard of from the virtual horse racing games. The lucky man has said that he will use some of this money to buy a used car, and he would also make sure to give his family a fantastic holiday season.

While the virtual horse racing game certainly has provided this gambler with an amazing win, they don’t quite compete with slot machines. Recently, a player won $2.3 million in Florida, and the largest slot wins on record are in the tens of millions.

Still, we wouldn’t be complaining if we’d just won $66 000.