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LPGA Invests in Shot Tracking Tech to Boost Sports Betting Stakes

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The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is the latest professional sports league to adopt new technology. The golfing association recently revealed that it will be incorporating shot tracking technology into its matches, providing real-time gaming data.

LPGA Moves into Real-time Betting

This move by the association shows a recognition of the growing sports betting landscape. By incorporating shot tracking, every ball hit will be recorded and shown in real time. Fans of golf betting will now be able to follow the minute details of LPGA games, bringing the league into real-time betting sportsbooks.

The continuous incoming live data will allow bookmakers to make lines and bets during live tournament play. Consequently, ladies golf will now move into the in-play live betting landscape that is gaining traction all over the world.

Angela Park at the 2009 LPGA Championship

Adapting with the Times

Whether legislators like it or not, spots betting is a growing market in the US, and getting on op of it is much better than pretending it’s not there. Mike Whan, commissioner of the LPGA told The Golf Channel that sports betting is only going to become more prevalent. “Regardless what I think of legalized gambling, it’s here, and it’s only going to get more significant,” he said. “You can stick your head in the sand and act like it’s not going to happen, but you’re still going to have betting issues. So, wouldn’t you rather get control of it?” he asked.

Giving the Fans What They Want

And moving with the times and catering to its audience is what the LPGA is going to do. The men’s PGA tour already has its own ShotLink System. Furthermore, the primary audience of the LPGA is in the Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for 47 percent of the world’s total sports bets.

Mainly, the reason why majority of fans of the LPGA are in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand is because Asian women dominate the league. Furthermore, improving the sports betting appeal of the LPGA grows the leagues tour on international allure.

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