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Real Loot Box Website, DrakeMall, Constitutes Gambling, Say Experts

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A website called DrakeMall has started making the news recently, with a rather unique selling point. The website, which has been operational since September 2017, is the only website in the world that offers real-world loot boxes. The website has taken its inspiration from the controversial loot boxes found in numerous video games. But now, many are starting to question whether DrakeMall is offering a gambling website or not.

DrakeMall real loot boxes should equal gambling

DrakeMall, a website based in Estonia, has started facing criticism for offer real loot boxes, similar to what is found in some video games. Experts are saying the website constitutes real online gambling, and its marketing campaign is targeting young people.

DrakeMall Offers Real Life Loot Boxes

Loot boxes burst into mainstream media last year, as several video games started to heavily incorporate them into the game. This was despite the fact the games were costing $60 or more to purchase in the first place. DrakeMall seems to have looked at this business model and decided it was a good idea. It allows customers to buy a loot box and open it, with the box containing an item.

There are numerous different boxes on offer. Prices start from $0.99 to open the cheapest case, with the most expensive case costing $99.99 to open. The more expensive the case, the more expensive the potential items you could win are. The $99.99 case, for example, could contain an Apple iPhone X, valued at $1400, or a Samsung Galaxy S9 at $1000. However, it also contains $30 items like a Smart Notebook or Smart Keyboard, and you’re far more likely to win one of those.

DrakeMall Advertising Criticized

DrakeMall has reportedly seen a spike in the number of users it has in recent months. It claims to have over 400 000 users from all over the world. The site has been advertising with influential YouTubers, which is concerning to many as this is seen as a way of targeting younger customers. The site has no age verification system in place, besides requiring a bank card to deposit funds.

In addition, many of the promotional videos see the YouTubers winning the more expensive items after a very short time. This has caused many to believe the loot boxes for the videos are being manipulated, distorting the actual chances of winning anything of value.

There are also those who say that the service offered by DrakeMall first the definition of gambling perfectly. However, the site doesn’t appear to have any form of online gambling license, yet it seems to be an online gambling site. Would you try something like this? Without knowing the odds of receiving each item, we have to say we would be rather hesitant.