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Gambling Granny, Lois Riess, Arrested in Texas Following Manhunt

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The ‘Gambling Granny’, also known as Lois Riess, has been arrested in Texas. Her arrest followed a nationwide manhunt after she allegedly murdered two people. Following the murders, she went on the run but was arrested late last week. The law finally caught up with her on South Padre Island, which is located near the Mexican border.

Lois Riess arrested in Texas

Lois Riess, the Gambling Granny, has been arrested in Texas. She is thought to have murdered her husband, as well as a woman who looked similar to her, in order to steal her identity.

Riess Murders and Steals Florida Woman’s Identity

Hours before her arrest, the authorities had confirmed that Riess had been sighted at a casino in Kinder, Louisiana. She’d been seen just two days after her second murder in Florida. Riess had allegedly murdered a woman named Pamela Hutchison and assumed her identity. However, she used her own name and ID when she played the slot machines at the casino.

She managed to win the jackpot on the slot she was playing, winning $1500. Riess was also known as ‘Losing Streak Lois’ in her hometown in Minnesota, due to her bad luck when it came to gambling. Two weeks before she is thought to have murdered Hutchison, it is believed she also murdered her husband, before going on the run.

Riess Killed Her Husband, Stole From His Business

Authorities are claiming that Riess had a serious gambling problem. It is believed that after shooting and killing her husband, the ‘Gambling Granny’ cashed $10 000 in forged and stolen checks from her deceased husband’s business. She then went gambling, before making her way to Florida. Eventually, she crossed paths with Hutchison, who resembled her. It was due to this resemblance that Riess decided to target Hutchison for murder. By doing so, Riess could then assume her identity. It is believed she shot her second victim with the same weapon she used to kill her husband.

Police found that Hutchison’s purse had been cleaned out and that cash, credit cards, and identification had been taken. The authorities eventually caught up with her at Sea Ranch Restaurant in South Padre. The manager said she had been drinking alone at the bar and was very relaxed and calm.

We all know that a gambling problem can be a serious issue, but this story shows just how serious it can get. As always, we urge anyone who is struggling with a gambling addiction to seek help immediately.