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Las Vegas Now Home to Most Expensive Skydive in the World

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Las Vegas is no stranger to expensive experiences, and Sin City is now home to the most expensive Skydive in the entire world! A new Las Vegas attraction, Skydive the Strip: After Sunset, will begin offering visitors the chance to skydive over the Las Vegas Strip after sunset, which will surely provide an incredible experience. The catch is that it will cost around $30,000 to enjoy this experience.

Las Vegas offers after Dark Skydiving over the strip

Las Vegas gets First After Sunset Tandem Jump

With an asking price of $30,000 for a single jump, Skydive the Strip is the most expensive skydive experience in the world. The previous record holder was the Everest Skydive Nepal, which cost around $22,000 for a jump. According to Skydive the Strip, the high asking price hasn’t stopped potential customers from expressing interest. There have already been customers purchasing tickets for the experience.

Only 100 tickets are available yearly, with jumps starting in late September. While it might hold the record for being the world’s most expensive skydive experience, that is not how it is being marketed. Instead, Skydive the Strip is marketing it as the first company authorized to offer tandem jumps after sunset.

Due to the extra risk of jumping after sunset, tandem jumps are typically never offered after dark. However, if there is one place in the world where it will be easy to see the ground after dark, it’s surely Las Vegas.

What You Get for Your $30k

So, you’ve decided to buy one of the 100 tickets; what can you expect to get for your money? We can’t think of many other experiences that could rival jumping out of a plane above the Las Vegas strip. You will also be picked up by a limousine from anywhere in Las Vegas and transported in style to the Las Vegas Country Club. From there, you will also be picked up by a private helicopter at the Las Vegas Club fairway.

As with any tandem skydiving experience, you do not need any previous experience. You will be provided with a training brief and safety class. From there, the experienced jumper will take care of everything and ensure you get back to the ground safely. All jumps will take place on Monday evenings.