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Las Vegas Joins in on Solar Eclipse Excitement

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The solar eclipse came and went yesterday, the 21st of August 2017, and there was a lot of excitement surrounding the event in the United States. This is hardly surprising as the last solar eclipse that was visible in the USA was back in 1979. Equally unsurprising is that many businesses have tried to get in on the excitement, including Las Vegas. Las Vegas marked the solar eclipse with some fun activities, including many proposition bets and even some luxury trips on private jets.

Solar Eclipse - Las Vegas joins in on the fun

Las Vegas offers Solar Eclipse Wagers and Bets

As the gambling capital of the world, it comes as no surprise that there was some gambling to be done on the solar eclipse. There were several casinos in Las Vegas that were offering some exotic bets on the solar event, while online bettors were getting involved as well.

Players found that there were bets available for every single state that was in the path of the eclipse. These bets included placing wagers on cloud cover, hotel occupancy, whether it would rain or not, how many tweets would be posted about the solar eclipse, and whether President Donald Trump would mention it.

Other Solar Eclipse Activities in Las Vegas

It wasn’t just casinos in Las Vegas that were getting involved, as other businesses in the city tried to cash in on the excitement. While Las Vegas, Nevada, wasn’t in the best place to view the eclipse, some businesses were trying to promote the city as a great place to view the solar eclipse.

Some of the specially planned activities that took place during the eclipse in Las Vegas included a bong meditation session, a special raft ride near the Hoover dam, and even a flight on a private plane. One private jet company was offering flights from McCarran to Los Angeles for $129. The idea was to get passengers as close as possible to the event.

While the eclipse itself had enough excitement surrounding it, we think it’s awesome to see companies and casinos in Las Vegas offering some other ways of enjoying this unique solar event.