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How Many Variations of Poker Are There?

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There are many variations of poker. Therefore, players have more options to pick from when they are tired of the traditional poker game. So, if you are new to gambling, you may not know the different variations of poker available.

Knowing the different poker variants and what makes them different is important because you can determine what you like and don’t. The World Series of Poker and Hollywood movies have made different poker variants popular.

For example, Texas Hold’Em and Stud poker. So, we thought it was high time we brought you a guide that dealt with all the different poker games you can play. All you have to do is find a casino site that offers as many poker games as possible.

The best part about playing these games is that you can claim bonus rewards which will increase your bankroll and make sure you play for longer.

Variations of Poker

Variations of Poker at Online Gambling Sites

1.      Texas Hold ’Em

This is a poker variant that is played at the World Poker Series. This is one of the most popular poker games available on the internet and land-based casinos.

Texas Hold ’Em is a game where players are dealt two types of cards “pocket” and “hole” cards. Then players have to wait for five community cards to be shown as the game progresses.

There are four rounds where players can place bets after the “hole” cards are given out. But that can only happen once 3 of the community cards have been revealed.

2.      Omaha

This is another variation of poker that is quite well-known in the gambling industry. At Land-based casinos, the game is played by 2-10 players.

The game is similar to Texas Hold’Em in that there are four rounds of betting available to players. However, in Omaha poker players are dealt four “hole” cards, and the five community five cards are immediately revealed.

So, the objective of the game is for the player to create the best 5-card hand, which consist of two “hole” cards and three community cards.

3.      7-Cards Stud

In this poker, variant players are dealt seven cards. Three of those cards are facing down while four of them are facing up. So, the player must make sure they have the best 5-card hand from the seven cards dealt.

4.      5-Card Draw

All the players are dealt five cards. However, in the first round, the players have the opportunity to trade in up to 3 of their cards for different cards.

5.      High/Low Chicago

You can play this game for the highest or lowest hand. So, when you are playing High Chicago, the players that have the highest spade cards that are facing down will win half of the pot. However, in Low Chicago, as a player, you will win half the pot if the spade of cards facing down is the lowest.

6.      Follow the Queen

Follow the Queen is a variation of 7-Card Stud poker where the wild card is chosen as the next card to be revealed after the Queen has been exposed. However, if there are no queens revealed, there will be no wild cards.

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