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How Do You Beat Video Keno?

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Every player has a chance to beat video keno because it’s a game based on luck rather than skill. The game offers players the best chance to experience the thrill of gambling and make amazing profits. Although keno is one of the few gambling games with a high house edge, the payouts are also great.

This guide explores the best ways to beat video keno online. Find out how you can give yourself the best chances of winning keno.

Beat Online Video Keno

Top Tips to Beat Video Keno

You will find many online strategies claiming to guarantee a win in video keno. However, we know that is true because video keno is fundamentally a game of luck, not skill. With that said, there are strategies that you can use to better your chances of winning the game. Here’s a list of some of the strategies that you can use to beat video keno:

1.      Choose random numbers

It’s difficult to predict the numbers in a video keno game. So, picking random numbers will be a useful strategy for you. Online video keno uses random number generators (RNGs) to predict the winning numbers. So, the machine produces random numbers based on an algorithm.

It would be best to consider choosing random numbers because the machine does it too. While the numbers are random, choosing within a pattern is also worthwhile.

2.      Select Multiplex Numbers

Choosing a multiplex of numbers allows you to overcome the odds and win some money. With this strategy, you have to choose odds numbers and new numbers. This method will allow you to use several numbers, which means your returns are greater. For example, if you choose ten numbers, you have a better chance of winning than someone who chooses one.

Keep in mind that odds are added on each digit. So, when you play multiplex numbers, you can spread the risk around.

3.      Choose Small Numbers

If you’re new to the game, the best way to beat video keno is by selecting small numbers. Give yourself enough time to watch the game and learn how it operates. For example, wise video keno players aim to learn keno patterns before they use multiplex numbers.

So, when playing video keno for the first time, you must start with small numbers. Plus, this strategy allows you to learn the rules before using complex strategies.

4.      Practice with Free Video Keno Games

With any game, you must start playing the free version before moving on to real money. So the same applies to video keno because it may seem like a simple game but has some complex patterns. The world’s best players use free games to test their strategies before playing for real money.

5.      Learn the Odds

Knowing the odds of each number will help you beat video keno. For example, you have a 1:86 chance of hitting a number if you choose 20 numbers. However, the odds of hitting all the numbers are much lower.

So, knowing the odds of the numbers will allow you to choose the numbers with the best odds. This is the best way to beat video keno.

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