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Game of Thrones Leak Costs Bookies Millions

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One of the most popular novelty wagering options available at sports betting sites involves predicting the outcomes of Game of Thrones – the widely popular fantasy television show. With the show’s final season having debuted last week, many gamblers have been placing their bets on it. It seems though that an early screening error from a streaming service has led to some bookies losing millions.

game of thrones bets

DirecTV aired the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones four hours early. It then became easy for some bettors to predict the results of some prop bets.

Game of Thrones Prop Bets Ruined

Some bookies across the world offer gamblers the chance to make a wide range of interesting prop bets on the series. Some include bets on who would be the first to speak in the episode. Other bets include preditcing whether popular characters would survive the episode, among others.

The final season of the series has been plagued by leaks. It does seem that some of these leaks are cybercrime and attempts to profit off betting sites. Right now, it’s unclear as to whether this particular leak was purposely orchestrated at this moment.

It has been stated that one Antigua-based bookie saw betting patterns shift 48 hours before the first episode premiered. The patterns suggested that there may be some internal leak that betting parties may be unaware of.

Game of Thrones Death Betting Popularity Surges

As the monumental series nears its end, betting on which character has surged in popularity among fans. With Game of Thrones being well-known for surprises, it does appear to be quite a difficult bet to place. Especially, when it is taken into account that the death count for last Sunday’s episode was probably the lowest it has ever been in a single instalment.

Currently, Bronn, Gregor Clegane and Sansa Stark lead the way for characters tipped to meet their untimely end sometime this season. For more US betting news, keep it here at CasinoUS.com – your number one source for gambling news.