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Game of Thrones Final Season Bets

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Game of Thrones has managed to get a cult following not only in the USA but worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that many online betting sites have included bets on the final season. As the eighth and final season of the legendary GoT draws near, the biggest question is who will live to claim the Iron Throne? GoT fans are split on who will make it to the iron throne, let’s see what the bookies think will happen and what the odds have been set at. If, however, you are not a fan of Game of Thrones and much prefer classic casino gambling make your way to our any of our casino games pages. There you will find top US online casinos with the best real money gambling games.


GoT Odds for The Likeliest Character to Sit on the Iron Throne

For a while it looked like fans and bookies were set on who the favourites to claim the throne were , Sansa has entered the race. This has raised suspicions of insider information about the famed series. Sansa went from being 7% chance to a 22 % chance at landing the Iron Throne. Bookies got paranoid and adjusted their odds. One such bookie is Boyle Sports, their spokesperson Leon Blanche, confirmed that they adjusted their odds after seeing an unexplained spiked in support for Sansa.

Another popular bet is on whether Arya Stark will make it out alive. There has been a steady flow of murmurs that insinuate that our favourite Stark may not be so lucky this time. So much so that one online betting bookie has dropped odds on her possible death.

How Leaks Have Affected Game of Thrones Odds

In 2018 March, right after the actors of the series received their scripts rumours of a leak boosted Bran into the main race for likely to hold the throne. Some sportsbooks decided to drop the entire Bran betting market.

August 2017, was a bad season for GoT because of leaks. A man by the name Behzad Mesri was alleged to have illegally gotten hold of the scripts for Season 7 and demanded a ransom of $6 million. However, the scripts and video of episode fourth were uploaded to internet weeks before airing. While only the script of the fifth episode was leaked. Whether you are a gambler or not we are pretty sure you can’t wait to see whether your guess about who gets the Iron Throne is accurate.

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