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Gambling Amendment in Florida Likely to be on Ballot

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There are several groups in Florida at the moment that are pushing to get a constitutional amendment out onto the state’s ballot in November. This gambling amendment would effectively give Florida’s voters control over any future gambling expansions in the state. The groups have reportedly nearly gathered enough signatures to have this amendment put on the ballot.

Florida Gambling Amendment

A Florida gambling amendment, supported by Disney and the Seminole tribe, has almost collected enough signatures to appear on the state ballot.

Gambling Amendment Gaining Signatures

The Voter Control of gambling in Florida initiative needs to collect 766 200 signatures to appear on the state ballot. At the time of writing, over 725 000 signatures have been collected. Time is running out though, as the target figure needs to be reached by the 1st of February. The signatures also need to be collected in 14 of Florida’s congressional districts. Currently, the initiative has collected signatures in at least 12.

This constitutional amendment aims to give state voters full control over any proposed gambling expansion within the state of Florida. Any potential gambling expansion and new casino proposals would be put to a vote, and state citizens would be able to decide if they want the new casino or not.

Disney and Seminole Supporting Gambling Amendment

The main organizations that are aiding the amendment are Disney and the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The majority of the financial backing for the proposal has come from these two organizations. Disney is hoping to prevent any further gambling expansion as new casino resorts could be a threat to its tourism business. In addition to this, more casinos in Florida could mean that families are less likely to visit, which would hurt Disney.

The Seminole Tribe, on the other hand, is opposing further gambling expansion in order to protect its casinos in Florida. The tribe operates several casinos in Florida, and any new casinos would be direct competition to its gambling locations.

If the amendment does manage to make it onto the state ballot in November, there will be one final major hurdle. For the amendment to pass, 60% or more of voters will need to be in favour of it.