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Gambling Addiction in Men & Women – Different Signs

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Gambling addiction is an unfortunate part of the casino world, whether we’re talking about land-based casinos or online gambling sites. Both men and women have the capability of falling victim to problem gambling and is something all gamblers need to keep in mind. However, once a gambling addiction has taken hold of a player, the two genders actually respond quite differently, according to new research.

Gambling addiction USA - Gender differences

Men and Women Handle Gambling Addiction Differently

A new study has been conducted in Australia by researchers at several well-respected institutions. These include the University of Adelaide, the Swinburn University of Technology, and the Australian Gambling Research Centre. The study was published in the Journal of Gambling Studies and was based on data from a recent large study. The study was focused on the behavior of Australian gamblers and looked at nearly 1200 slots players. Of these players 580 were male, and 605 were female. In addition to this, 338 of the players were known to have gambling problems.

Gender Differences When Suffering from Problem Gambling

The study indicated that there were many similar signs when a man or woman was addicted to gambling. However, many women showed a more noticeable difference from their personal norms than men. Women suffering from a gambling problem tended to show more visible signs of emotional distress, including crying. Men, on the other hand, were observed becoming far more aggressive. This behavior could include physically striking the casino machine, being territorial over their machine, and being rude to staff.

The terrible events at a casino in the Philippines recently could support these findings, after a man suffering from a severe gambling addiction fired an assault rifle at casino machines, took $2 million in casino chips and set fire to gaming tables. He would eventually kill himself but, unfortunately, the fires he started caused the deaths of 36 casino employees and visitors.

The researchers have urged casinos all over the world to use this new data to keep a better eye on the behavior of players to ensure that their problem gambling is identified and assistance can be provided.

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