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George Foreman Bizarrely Challenges Steven Seagal To Boxing Match

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In a rather bizarre news story from this week, George Foreman has challenged Steven Seagal to a fight. Foreman, 68-years old, sent out the challenge to the 65-year old actor and martial artist. Foreman challenged him to a 10-round senior citizen boxing match in Las Vegas. The reasons for this challenge is currently a mystery.

George Foreman Challenges Steven Seagal to boxing match

George Foreman has issued a bizarre challenge to Steven Seagal, challenging him to a boxing match.

Foreman Challenges Seagal Via Twitter

Foreman is a former heavyweight boxing champion, who has been in the ring with the likes of Muhammad Ali. After his initial challenge was issued on Twitter, it was quickly mocked, but it does appear he was serious. Soon after the initial challenge, he sent out another tweet to clarify the rules of the challenge. He stated that he would use boxing and Seagal could use whatever fighting method he wanted to, hand to hand only, for the ten-round fight.

Foreman even went so far as to suggest that publicity could be handled by Mayweather Promotions. Some sports betting sites, such as Bovada, were quick to start offering odds on the fight. Seagal quickly became the early favorite at -300, with Foreman on +200.

Foreman’s Reasons a Mystery

As for why he issued the challenge, nothing is known at this stage. There is speculation about his reasoning though. Some are speculating that Foreman’s challenge is in response to Seagal’s close ties to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. Seagal was actually given Russian citizenship and has said he admires Putin. Some have also suggested the challenge was a response to Seagal’s recent criticism of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

Whatever the reason, many people are now hoping the fight goes ahead. If it does, it will be the first fight between two social security recipients. It will also be a world record for the oldest boxer. Currently, that title is held by a British boxer named Steve Ward, who was 59 years old when he entered the ring. Foreman is nearly ten years older, so it’s safe to say he would probably hold that record for quite some time.