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Football Association Charges Paul Scholes for Football Betting

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Former Manchester United and England midfielder, Paul Scholes encounters a charge of misconduct following allegations of breaching Football Association betting rules. In 2013, he left his football career and a year later became part-owner at Salford City F.C. Apparently the allegations state that he placed 140 bets on football matches from the 17th of August to January 12th, 2019. The Football Association (FA) confirmed the charges in the statement, furthermore the placed bets contradict to rule E8. Paul Scholes is given until the 26th of April 2019 to react to the charges.


During his time as a manager of Oldham Athletic, he was not charged with betting. Paul Scholes took the job just after quitting at Salford as director back in February. Four weeks after he left Oldham Athletic the charges were filed.  Upon the FA’s statement, BT removed him from participating as an expert in its UEFA Champions League broadcast

Football Association sees a spread of gambling in its industry

A spokesperson of the FA said that people who work in the football industry are not allowed to bet on matches. Individuals are not allowed to make a bet even if it’s for a different country or club. Gambling issues are not easy to solve especially when more shareholders, owners, and directors of football are implicated compared to players.  This is because the involvement in betting activities is not always evident. Gambling and betting rules of FA have been tighter after some players faced similar charges.

On the other hand, there was no mention that Paul Scholes was betting on Salford matches.  Experts say that if Paul Scholes is found guilty, he is likely to receive a fine. As a high-profile player, this could tarnish his image should it follow through.

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