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FanDuel Refuses to Pay Out Winning Bet in New Jersey

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FanDuel is refusing to pay out a sports bet in New Jersey, claiming there was a glitch in the system. A bettor placed a $110 bet on the Broncos, and it looked as though he had won himself $82 000. However, you know what they say, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


FanDuel has refused to pay out a winning bet, following a system glitch

FanDuel has refused to pay out a winning bet in New Jersey. This is due to a system glitch that saw a $110 bet win over $80 000. New Jersey is going to investigate the claim.


FanDuel Says Bet Not Valid Due to Glitch

The gambler in question told news outlets that he placed the bet while watching the game at Meadowlands. When he made his bet, the Broncos were losing, 19-17 to the Raiders. With around a minute left in the game, he placed his bet which offered an amazing +75 000. This meant that his $110 bet would be worth over $82 000 if he won. Then the magic happened, and Brandon McManus kicked the winning field goal for the Broncos.

Unfortunately for him, he was soon informed that the odds were a result of a glitch in the system and FanDuel was not obligated to pay out. It must be said that FanDuel did try to make things right by offering the man $500 in cash, as well as tickets to three New York Giants games. However, this was not good enough, and he has reported the incident to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, who will now start an investigation.

New Jersey to Investigate FanDuel Glitch

This is the first big controversy to hit the new USA sports betting market. However, an incident like this wouldn’t even get a second thought over in the UK. Sports betting has been going on there for decades, and it is well established that sports books do not pay out when there is an obvious glitch. They’re common enough that they have a special term for them, palpable errors or ‘palps’.

In Nevada, when there is a ‘palp’, the incident is investigated to determine whether the sportsbook must pay out or not. This is what will happen in New Jersey. It is also being investigated how this glitch occurred, as there are safeguards in place that are supposed to prevent errors like this. It is also common practice in the USA that slot machines do not payout when there is a glitch.