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Dutch Authorities Declare Certain Loot Boxes Gambling

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In another blow for loot boxes in video games, Dutch authorities have declared that certain loot boxes are indeed gambling and violate gambling laws. The findings come after the Dutch gaming regulator, KSA, looked into loot boxes. After its investigation, it determined that look boxes that allowed their rewards to be traded outside of the video game constituted illegal gambling.

Dutch Authorities declare certain loot boxes illegal gambling

Dutch gambling Authorities have studied several popular video games and determined that certain games constitute illegal gambling, due to their loot boxes. One of these games is FIFA 18.

Several Games Illegal According to Dutch Regulators

The Dutch regulator has reportedly informed several game developers that they will need to revise their games by June. Failure to do so will result in a total ban of these games in Holland. During its investigation, the KSA analysed ten popular video games that use loot boxers. Out of these ten, four of the games were deemed to be illegal. The KSA didn’t reveal which games were illegal, but this was later released by a Dutch broadcaster. The four games turned out to be FIFA 18, DOTA 2, Player Unknown’s Battleground, and Rocket League.

Each of these four games were deemed illegal because the items rewarded by loot boxes can be traded outside of the video game. Because of this, these items could be given a real-world market value, and this is what made these loot boxes illegal.

Dutch Regulators Ask for Other Revisions

The developers of these games will need to revise their products if they wish to continue to do business in Holland. However, other video games that do not directly break the law will also be asked to make some changes. The authorities would like other game developers to remove ‘addictive elements’ of loot boxes. These include some of the visual effects, audio effects, and the ability to open numerous loot boxes in a row.

The Dutch authorities are hoping that game developers will implement measures to help those who may be vulnerable to addiction. Belgium has also taken a similar stance on loot boxes and some states in the United States are also looking closely at how to regulate them.

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