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Cancer Survivor Wins Lottery Jackpot

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A man who has survived cancer twice has once again beat the odds by winning the USD 4,6 million lottery jackpot in Oregon, US earlier this month. The lottery winner said he “buys a Megabucks lottery ticket every week”. On this particular week he played a quick pick ticket bought at Ashley’s Café in Bend. He also spoke about how before every purchase his wife would encourage him by uttering “get the winning ticket”. Strange enough, on the day that he won the lottery, his wife did not utter those words.


The lottery winner expressed how fortunate he has been in life both in health and now in finance being the latest jackpot winner in the area. In a statement released to the media, the lottery winner described himself as a lucky guy and explained how he has overcome his battle with cancer twice and is still standing today. “This is amazing,” he said in a statement.

Lottery Winner Survived Cancer US

The man decided to take the bulk sum payment of USD 2,3 million. All lottery winnings in the United States are subject to tax deductions which resulted in an overall cash prize of USD 1.56 million. As far as lottery procedure goes, Ashley’s Café is eligible to receive a one percent bonus that will amount to USD 46,000 for being the lucky retailer who sold the winning ticket. A staff member at the café said they are thrilled to have sold the ticket.

Lottery Winner Defies All Odds

Beating cancer, twice, and beating the odds of winning a Megabucks lottery jackpot is truly applaudable. Statistics show that the average person’s odds of winning the Megabucks jackpots is 1 in 302,575,350 making it very unlikely.

The lottery winner waited about 10 months before collecting his winnings and said he plans to invest the money on a new home, and hopes to go on a well-deserved family vacation soon.

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