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DOJ’s Wire Act Opinion Could Impact WSOP Bracelet Events

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A new Wire Act opinion made by the Department of Justice (DOJ) could stop New Jersey players from participating in online World Series of Poker (WSOP) events. According to reports, the new Wire Act could prohibit interstate gambling for states like Delaware and New Jersey. The DOJ has not been able to confirm the enforcement of this particular aspect. However, WSOP is aware of the possible ban for states through the Wire Act.

In a press release for the nine gold bracelet events, WSOP recognized that New Jersey residents might not be eligible to play in the summer. These events are scheduled for each Sunday between June 2 and July 14. While the online instalments of the World Series are quite new, they are popular for US players.

DOJ’s Wire Act Opinion Could Impact WSOP Bracelet Events

More on WSOP Gold Bracelet Events

Most Poker fans will be familiar with the World Series bling since winners at live events can win them during the tournament. Thanks to the introduction of online events, players can now win a coveted bracelet at home. For most players, the bracelet symbolizes their skills and how well they play the game.

OnlinePokerReport reported that, in 2018, at least 565 poker players took part in the online events from outside Nevada. Thanks to the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement between Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada, this proved to be a popular fixture. As a result, the events will be open once again to players in these states. For the first time, Pennsylvania will be joining the agreement. Still, if the DOJ has its way, this won’t happen.

Wire Act Terms

The federal act might be used to prohibit any form of online gambling across state borders. While sports’ gambling is already included, any poker tournaments and even lotteries will have to comply. According to OnlinePokerReport, the department has given operators 90 days to comply with the Act. However, the DOJ is facing backlash from some states. In New Hampshire, the DOJ is also facing three lawsuits.

What’s more, the new opinion on the 1961 Wire Act shows that the new interpretation is wrong. Back in the day, the act was meant to stop organized crime revenues. Since it’s also an opinion, it can’t be enforced just yet. It could even fall through if legal precedent is established.

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