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Do People Actually Win Scratch Cards?

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Yes, people do win scratch cards when they play for real money. Scratch cards are the best lottery-style games for online players because they are simple and familiar. These days, software producers are offering a broad range of instant scratchies.

Find a list of past scratch card winners and the best tips to improve your chances of winnings scratch cards. We’ve also recommended a list of the best casinos that offer scratch cards and generous welcome bonuses.

Winning Scratch Cards

Top 3 Scratch Cards Winners

As we’ve mentioned before, some people win scratch cards. So, here’s a list of people who have managed to win scratch cards in the past.

1.      Didzis Pirags

Didzis Pirags, a chef, won $1 million in 2019 after playing the national Lottery scratch card game. He used his last $6.50 to buy a scratch card ticket. When he won, he put a deposit down for a 4-bedroom house.

2.      Miss Kimberley C

Miss Kimberley C played the famous “Gold Fever” scratch card game and won the prize of $10,000. However, she didn’t win the top prize of  $30,000. When asked what she would do with the money, she said she would help her dad.

3.      Paddy Power Scratch Card Winner

A Paddy Power player who remained anonymous won $250,000 while playing a scratch card game worth $10. The scratch card win came in 2020, and Paddy Power announced the news. The scratch card game offers five games in one scratch card ticket.

Scratch Cards Are Games of Chance

Keep in mind that scratch cards are games of chance. So, that means that you need to practice responsible gambling. Not everyone who plays scratch cards will win because that’s the nature of gambling games.

However, you will get a chance to improve your chances of winning. That’s why you need to have strategies that have been tried and tested by experts. We have guides to help you play the best scratch card games online.

Top Tips to Win Scratch Cards

Our experts have come up with some tips to help you play the best scratch card games.

  1. Don’t buy scratch card tickets that are the cheapest. However, look at your bankroll before purchasing any expensive tickets.
  2. Read the terms and conditions when you buy the tickets. These terms have the odds and payouts of each scratch card game.
  3. Play multiple scratch card games. That means you need to buy your scratch card tickets in bulk because you stand a better chance of winning that way.
  4. Don’t discard any of your old tickets because they may have some valuable information.
  5. Play scratch card game games like you do slots. That means looking at games that last hit a while ago. They may be up for a hit soon.
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