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Man wins $1 Million with Crazy 4 Poker

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Crazy 4 Poker – The 15th of April was a very good day for one lucky San Diego resident. He was visiting Las Vegas and managed to win himself a nice jackpot playing Crazy 4 Poker. The 15th of April is tax day for most Americans, but this lucky gentleman had a far more exciting day.

Crazy 4 Poker $1 million jackpot won

When Lady Luck Strikes

The man, who lives in San Diego, was visiting Sin City for a vacation. He was spending some time at the Flamingo Casino and was playing one of the speciality table games. It took less than an hour of playing Crazy 4 Poker for his life to change. The man managed to hit the diamond six card royal flush, instantly winning $1 million. While this was not the first time he’s ever won any money, he has said he’s never won this much before.

The game he was playing, Crazy 4 Poker, is a version of Three Card Poker. It was created back in 2002 by the same man who created Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Five Card Omaha, and Dragon Bonus. The game became fairly successful, and there are an estimated 100 of these poker tables in the USA. Of the 100 in the country, 40 are located in Las Vegas.

How the Crazy 4 Poker works

When playing Crazy 4 Poker, players are dealt five cards. Players must then decide if they want to challenge the dealer, or fold and lose their bet. Should they go ahead with the round, they choose four of their cards to make the best hand they can. The dealer does the same, and the hands are compared.

The million-dollar jackpot was hit when the player managed to combine his cards with the dealer’s and made a six-handed royal flush. With a single hand, he became a millionaire and changed his life forever. We don’t always get to write about really happy casino news, but we really enjoy it when we get to cover stories like this.