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Cosmopolitan Las Vegas to Undergo $100 Million Revamp

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is currently readying plans to spend over $100 million on extensive renovations to the property. The renovations will focus on nearly 2900 of the 3027 rooms in the Cosmopolitan and some are thankful that the casino even made it to 2017. The Cosmopolitans road to 2017 has been a very difficult one, from the very start.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Revamp

Cosmopolitan Suffered Difficult Start

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opened its doors in mid-December 2010, which was during one of the worst recessions to hit Las Vegas in a very long time. This immediately cast doubt on the future of the property, which had cost just shy of $4 billion to complete. That wasn’t even the start of it, as the road to the Cosmopolitan opening was also a difficult one, which included lawsuits and bankrupt owners.

In 2008, the original owners were moved to foreclose Deutsche Bank AG. It would take some time to find new owners. There were numerous interested parties, but the asking price always seemed to be a problem.

During this time, it also faced several lawsuits, including one from Hearst Corporation, which took legal action due to the hotel having the same name as its popular women’s magazine, but the case would be settled out of court. 2009 would see another lawsuit from 400 homeowners. The homeowners were concerned that the condos that they had placed deposits on were going to be turned into hotel rooms. Once again, the case was settled out of court.

Cosmopolitan Plans Extensive Changes

As for the renovations themselves, they are said to be very extensive, which will involve stripping the hotel rooms down to the concrete. Work on the hotel’s Boulevard tower kicked off in June and should be finished by the end of 2017. The renovations on the second tower will start in January 2018, and should be finished during the course of the year,

The Cosmopolitan’s renovations will see the rooms being given new furnishings and fixtures, a 65-inch TV, and tablets for improved customer service. It took over a year for the Cosmopolitan to find a suitable company to carry out the renovations.

It will be very interesting to see what the new rooms look like when they’re done.