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Conor McGregor Future in Doubt

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Following his massive fight with Floyd Mayweather earlier this year, the future of Conor McGregor is looking uncertain. This is according to the president of the UFC, Dana White. White recently came forward and admitted that he was unsure of what the future would hold for McGregor. While McGregor lost the highly anticipated boxing match, he walked away with the respect of many boxing fans, as well as a massive paycheck.

Conor McGregor Fighting future uncertain

UFC President Unsure of McGregor Plans

White revealed his uncertainty about the future of McGregor while speaking with several reporters. White was discussing future UFC fights and was asked about McGregor. White revealed that he is in the dark about his future and has no additional information. No one is really sure if McGregor will step back into the octagon for UFC, the boxing ring, or simply walk away.

This is disappointing news for sports books all over the world. The McGregor-Mayweather fight was one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches of recent history. A total of $65 million in bets were placed on McGregor at Las Vegas and Nevada sports books before the fight. It would have been a financial disaster for the sports books if McGregor had been victorious. Mayweather was the favorite, and the sports books would have had to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars if McGregor had managed to win.

McGregor Enjoying Life

At this time, it looks like McGregor has simply taken his paycheck back to Ireland and is enjoying life. No one is sure if he will fight again. White said that there have been many UFC fighters who quit, having earned way less than McGregor earned in that one fight. We also questioned why someone would want to fight and get punched in the face when they have $100 million in their bank account.

McGregor recently made it into the news after attending his friends MMA fight in Ireland. McGregor entered the cage after his friend knocked the opponent out. However, McGregor did so before officials had declared the fight over. There was also a rumor he was involved in a fight at a bar with a member of the Irish drug cartel, but there is no evidence to support this claim.