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Chip Sanitizers Developed for Casinos

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Covid-19 has forced many businesses to be more aware of the health and safety of its customers and staff. UK gaming equipment manufacturing company, TCSJohnHuxley, has developed a chip sanitizer especially for the chips used to play games in casinos. All this is done in an effort to created a safer environment.

Business and many casinos in the USA have begun reopening. And, as part of safety requirements, many now sanitize the tables, chairs, chips, cards, and gaming floors to comply with the requirements set out by health authorities. The chip sanitizer which gets delivered straight to casinos now eliminates the need to send gaming material elsewhere to get sanitized. The new compact chip sanitizers get stored underneath casino tables and is regularly used by staff.

Chip Sanitizers

Details About the New Chip Sanitizers

The new sanitizers are not liquid-based products stored in a bottle, but a small compact machine that uses UV-C light technology to clean up to 80 casino chips at a time. The chip sanitizers form part of a product line called Care and Protect also by TCSJohnHuxley. This process takes only a few minutes to complete. The units are small enough to store underneath casino tables and can clean hundreds of chips throughout the day. The machine, about is also easy to use which makes it easier for staff members to do their job.

Executive Chairman for TCSJohnHuxley, Tristan Sjöberg, explained that when casinos around the world shut down, drastic changes needed to be made. The changes would ensure the safety of everyone from now on. The Care and Protect range is the company’s response to all that is happening. There are also plans to expand the range.

US Casinos Plan Reopening

The product launch is well-timed as most Nevada casinos plan their reopening following closure because of the pandemic. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has instructed casinos to first provide their reopening strategies before it will allow them to resume operations. MGM Resorts International is one business that recently submitted its documentation to the board. The document outlines its plan on the reopening of its US properties. Many other companies are expected to follow if they haven’t done so yet.

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