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Casino Worker Reports an Alleged Super Bowl Scammer

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A businessman is allegedly behind an almost million-dollar Super Bowl scam. He is currently held behind bars, thanks to a casino employee that had recognized him after he saw him on Inside Edition. Ketan Shah, 48, is a businessman from Atlanta and he was captured at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, the biggest casino on the West Coast which is about 100 miles north of Los Angeles.

Super Bowl Scammer gets Charged

Super Bowl Scammer – Shah

Shah was supposedly gambling with his victims’ money, plus his mother’s when he was caught and arrested.  The casino employee recognized Shah’s face after he saw him on Inside Edition’s story on an assumed Super Bowl ticket scam. The worker then got suspicious when Shah purchased expensive gifts with great amounts of money for the female he was with.

I felt really bad for the people who gave this man their money and only for him to run away with it and use it for his own benefits. I had to say something about it,” the worker said.

Ketan Shah is accused of vending Super Bowl tickets for $5,000 each and not distributing. Jim and Jane Comerford told the Inside Edition that they popped out $10,000 to purchase two Super Bowl tickets from him. “This was a chance to go see Tom Brady live before he steps down and also before I die,” Jim said.

Super Bowl Scammer – Victims Speak Out

Alan Tartt and Stephen Bethea had saved up to buy the tickets to the game, unfortunately, they got scammed too by Shah.

Each ticket was $5,000 and we bought four tickets, so we spent $20,000,” Tartt said. “We thought that this guy was legit, check his background and we saw that he owns a business.

his mother is also a victim and close friend of many years,” said Wilbert Rundles from Gwinnett County Police Department.

His family suspects that he “took the money and went to Las Vegas as a share of a midlife crisis.”

Shah disappeared in January, and ever since, police tracked him through Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico Arizona and California.

What hit home for a lot of people is that he’s also willing to do this to his own parent.”

Super Bowl Scammer gets Charged

Shah is charged with a count of theft by conversion. However, the police said that they expect to file additional charges following an investigation. He is currently held in California and will be taken to Gwinnett County.

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