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Casino Shutdown Forces Change in Online Gambling Laws

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The casino shutdown necessitated by Coronavirus is actually fuelling change where online gambling is concerned in many states. There was a mass shut down of casinos in the US starting from mid-March following the outbreak of the pandemic. Of course, Las Vegas was hard hit, Sin City is known as the gambling Mecca. However, if you are the states will also badly hit by the casino shut down.

States like Michigan Iowa and Rhode Island amongst others are badly affected by the loss of land-based casino revenue. This has forced these three states to re-look at their laws which were not favorable to online gambling. The three states that we have previously mentioned have already begun implementing changes that facilitate playing gambling games that pay real money online. Would you like to find out what exactly Michigan, Rhode Island and Iowa have in common right now? Then keep reading.

Casino Shutdown in USA pushes Lawmakers to Re-think Online Gambling Laws

Which States Will Soon Have Complete Online Gambling?

Michigan at the beginning of this year had online gambling signed off as legal by their governor. However, in that period from the beginning of the year to this month nothing really happened. The state’s lawmakers were moving at a snail pace. Rule making for how online gambling will be carried out in the state was expected to take a year. However, because of the Covid-19 shutdown, online gambling has come to the fore in a lot of discussions. Michigan has started accepting applications for online gambling licences. Although it was projected that casino sides would only start to be seen operating online in 2021. The Michigan gaming control board hopes that this will be much sooner.

Rhode Island recently introduced an online lottery on the 12th of May this year. Residents of Rhode Island can play the lottery online. This includes- the Powerball, Mega Millions and various keno games in the state iLottery. What’s more, this online lottery can be accessed on mobile devices and mobile apps.

While Iowa does not have any tangible progress yet, lawmakers have started discussing the possibilities of expanding what is legally allowed in the online gambling laws.

We expect a lot of states to expand the scope of their online gambling laws to allow fully inclusive casino gaming online.