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Can You Get Rich Gambling?

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If you’ve ever wondered whether anyone has gotten rich from gambling before, this article is here to set the record straight. The answer is yes; you can get rich gambling your favorite games at the casino.  There have been players that have won the jackpot and become instant millionaires, while there are gamblers that earn money gambling for a living.

This does not mean that everyone can get rich gambling. However, it improves your chances of winning by playing games with the best odds of winning. For example, the chances of winning a life-changing lottery jackpot is very slim because the lottery has the worst odds of winning. You are more likely to win big playing card games where you can use skills to reduce the house edge.

How to Make Money Gambling Online?

With the coronavirus preventing players from visiting a gambling establishment, you are left with the option of playing your favorite games online. There are actually way more gambling games to sample on the internet than you could find in Las Vegas. Moreover, you can enter exclusive casino tournaments from around the world that payout big.

Can You Get Rich Gambling?

Here’s a list of casino games that can earn you money gambling every time:

  1. Progressive Jackpot

Players that look to win a massive jackpot play progressive slots because they have a connected pool prize. Each time you play one of the slot machines and do not win, the money gets added to the overall jackpot. The jackpot prize can rise to millions of dollars. Look for games such as Mega Moolah to win big.

  1. Buy Lottery Ticket Online

Take your chances at winning a jackpot by playing the lottery online. You can improve your chances of winning by joining a lottery syndicate and win. There are several lotteries that take place every week. You can visit the State Lottery in your county to check when the next draw will take place.

  1. Play Poker Tournaments

Tournaments such as the World Series of Poker are famous for attracting gamblers from across the globe that wants to get rich. Entries are open to the public, and depending on your position on the leaderboard, you can walk away a millionaire. The buy-in is not too expensive. Additionally, if you are confident in your bluff, you can win big.

List of the Richest Gamblers

For players that need extra motivation to gamble, we’ve collated a list of the most successful gamblers around:

  • Bill Benter – he was a math professor and used to practice counting cards in blackjack. Once he mastered the skill, casinos started banning him. Reports suggest that he would win $100 million every year.
  • Zeljko Ranogajec – Australian gambler was good with math and had a photographic memory. He would use this combination to beat the casino until they banned him from gambling. Back in 2019, he was estimated to be worth $600 million AU.
  • Phil Ivey – he is the youngest gambler to win ten bracelets from the WSOP. He is now worth $100 million, all from playing poker tournaments.
  • Chris Ferguson – the computer science wiz founded the Full Tilt Poker, a strategy he would use to win loads of cash. He is worth $80 million.
  • Edward Thorp – he is regarded as the creator of the strategy of counting cards. Thorp has a Ph.D. in mathematics and used his skills to improve his odds of winning. Playing mostly blackjack, baccarat, and backgammon, he would win and diversify his portfolio. Right now, he is worth $800 million.

So what are you waiting for? Become a winner today using our tips to win big and become rich.