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Britney Spears Reportedly Signs MGM Residency Deal

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Britney Spears has reportedly signed a new Las Vegas residency deal with MGM Resorts. The new deal hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but numerous inside sources have confirmed the deal is done. The new contract will apparently see Britney earning $500 000 per show for a two-year period. It is said the new deal will commence at the beginning of 2019.


Britney Spears Reportedly signs new Las Vegas Residency Deal

Britney Spears has reportedly agreed to a new two-year residency deal with MGM Resorts. This will see her earning $500 000 per Las Vegas show she performs.


Britney Spears Gets Pay Increase at MGM

Britney Spears is no stranger to Las Vegas. Her previous residency deal, which came to an end on New Year’s Eve 2017, spanned four years with Planet Hollywood and its Axis theatre. It generated over $138 million in ticket sales and saw Spears performing a total of 249 times. There was no confirmation on how much she was paid per show, but it is believed that she was earning just under $500 000 per show. Rumors began about an MGM deal in early 2018.

MGM Resorts apparently offered Britney a slight pay increase to secure her for their new residency deal. This pay rise gets her to the $500 000 per show salary. While there hasn’t been an official announcement, numerous sources, including those in Britney’s team, have confirmed the reports are true.

Britney One of Las Vegas’ Best Paid Entertainers

In order to break even, MGM will need to sell out its 5200-seat venue for every show, with an average ticket price of $92. However, there will also be many thousands of dollars spent on various production costs, so we wouldn’t expect the tickets to be cheap. Britney is expected to begin the shows with MGM in early 2019.

Until then, she is set to begin a tour around d the USA, with some international concerts, in mid-July. During the tour, she will be playing at two MGM Resorts properties. If all of this is true and Britney is earning $500 000 per show, it will cement her place as one of the highest paid stars in Las Vegas.